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IF7243B3-AC,7200W,24” NA Induction Hob/4 Zone

IF7243B3-AC,7200W,24” NA Induction Hob/4 Zone


Slider touch control


9 stage power setting

99 minutes timer

Child lock

Overheat protection

Overflow protection

Automatic safety shut-off

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

Induction technology only heats the area directly beneath the pan, while the surface area around it remains cool. This means that induction hobs are safer and easier to clean than traditional cooktops, as spillages don't burn on. Induction is also faster and more energy efficient, so you can create delicious dishes in less time with less energy.


Indicates when hot

The residual heat indicator lights up when the hob is hot during and after cooking to prevent accidents. The indicator automatically switches off when the hob is safe to touch.


Overflow protection
Overflow protection will automatically shuts off the power in case of liquid boiling over hob touch control panel.


Automatic shut off:
If cooking zone is left on for a long period of time, the hob automatically switches itself off after longest cooking time default setting.


Overheat safety system:
Overheat safety system will automatically shuts off the power in case the sensors detect overheat environment.


Easy to clean surface

Cleaning up after cooking can be a real pain, but the smooth glass surface makes it easy for you to wipe up spills.




Glass-ceramic that is almost as hard as a diamond. That stands up to stresses – no matter which heating technology is used underneath it.


Glass FrameCustomized Optionals

  1. Straight cut
  2. Bevelled edges
  3. 4-Side Aluminum frame
  4. 4-Side stainless steel frame
  5. Double sides brushed stainiess steel


Care Instructions

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